Relic Raid Schedule this weekend Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:53 pm

Relic Raid this week will start at 0:00 Midnight Saturday, April 19, 2014 and will end early after approximately 43 hours.

We will try this schedule this weekend and continue to adjust in further weeks until an ideal time slot is found.

War Schedule Changes Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:05 am

Hey everyone,

We are planning on adjusting the Relic Raid schedule on the weekends. We are looking for suggestions for start and end times, so please post a response to this announcement with your suggestions. Please only suggest times that would be fair for everyone across the world.

Secondly, Relic buffs might be a little messed up for SWC right now. So please let me know any issues you notice so I can correct them.


P.S. The Samurai have admitted defeat and are planning their escape tomorrow. Who knows when they will return!

Clan Powers & Bug Fixes Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:17 am

Trainer Zeng Da Lang from the Swift Meaning Clan, Trainer Du from the King of Heroes Clan, and Trainer Ge Yi Wen of the Matchless Clan are unhappy with their new clan management. They have decided to teach their secret powers to a new trainer. This trainer is willing to share their secrets! Who is he? Where is he?

Samurai Set Effects have also been fixed. Thanks everyone for reporting the problem.

Server Outage Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:15 pm

Server is back online after a long unexpected down-time.

What Happened?
The cause is unknown. What is known is that the server's were unable to communicate with each other for an unknown reason. A physical reboot of the servers solved the problem. The long down-time was due to a communication issue that made me unaware of the down-time for many hours.

How will this be prevented from happening again?
Since the cause is currently unknown, it is impossible to completely prevent it. However, the GM's now have direct and immediate communication to me in the case I am unavailable at the time to fix the solution. This will drastically shorten the down-time if this issue arises again.

If you had an active experience service, please send me an e-mail to support@fiveclans.com so I can verify it and compensate you.

My Apologies,

A new era!: Ascension of the Samurai (Part II) Mon Apr 7, 2014 4:08 am

The beaches of Fishing village lay stricken with blood, the sand now a red clay. The head of a hero being pushed and pulled with the tide. Godless Shadow showed his lack of mercy on this day. Now that the Great Samurai has been removed from this world, Godless' forces will march on, towards victory. Prepare to fight in the depths of clans of old. Godless has seized control of Matchless Clan, Swift Meaning Clan, and King of Heroes. The godless shadow has granted leadership and dominion over these clans to their rightful leaders, Du Gu Yi Fang, King Hap, and Dragon Sleeve. Prepare for blood!

Matchless Clan, Swift Meaning Clan, & King of Heroes Clan are now NPC controlled and cannot be joined by players. Du Gu Yi Fang, King Hap, and Dragon Sleeve now reside in these clans with their guards and added Samurai Guards. The Samurai and Leaders will drop rares! The Samurai will remain the clans throughout the next week!

Each week after Relic Raid, the clan holding the SMC, MXC, and/or KOH relics will hold them for the remaining week.

Why did we choose SMC, MXC, and KOH to make NPC controlled?
- Their HQ's were less fortified.
- Their player population was too low. Out of all characters that have logged in during the past two weeks, only 11.57% of players resided in these clans combined.

Future Info
We may open the other clans at any time depending on how things work out. We are attempting to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone and are trying out new and different things than have been done in the past. Some of it is experimentation that may ultimately fail, but at least we will all experience it together!

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