Patch Schedule  Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:37 am

Patch Schedule

Hey everyone, here is the plan:

Tomorrow *Patch Completed*

Server will be going down for several hours at 0:00 Midnight to update software, scale the XP, release Loot 2.0, and make preparations for the Clan Leader Event.

Loot 2.0 is still in testing stages, so please give us feedback if there is something that can be improved on. We plan to alter it several times within the first couple weeks.

The Voice Chat server will use Mumble (http://www.mumble.info) and will be online within the next couple of days. I am just finalizing how to set up the channels, etc. All users will need to install the Mumble client.

Friday, January 30th 2015

The server will be down several hours prior to midnight on Friday to prepare for the Restoration of the Five Clans and Clan Takeover Event.

Saturday, January 31st 2015

At 12:00 AM (0:00) Midnight UTC on Saturday, the server will come back online.

Season 1 will officially start at this time as well as a 1 week long level marathon. Level cap will also be increased to level 150.

At 1:00 AM UTC on Saturday will be the first clan takeover. The clan takeover schedule is posted below. I have used http://www.random.org to randomize the order of clans. [ Image Proof of the randomization ]

- 1:00 AM : Matchless Clan Takeover
- 3:00 AM : Sword Worship Clan Takeover
- 5:00 AM : King of Heroes Clan Takeover
- 7:00 AM : Swift Meaning Clan Takeover
- 9:00 AM : Supreme Sword Clan Takeover

Just to clarify, Season 1 and the level marathon will start and be going on during the Clan Takeover event.

*Click any of the times posted above to convert them to your time zone.

Return of the Five Clans  Thu Jan 22, 2015 4:10 pm

Return of the Five Clans

Click to see the Patch Schedule

UPDATE: 2 reset points will be given at level 150!


There will be numerous updates and changes that will be implemented soon. We are aiming for Tuesday, January 27, but may be postponed. The servers will be down for approximately 12 hours that day for implementation, testing, and maintenance. I will be updating the status of implementation via Twitter @FiveClans throughout the day.

Restoration of the Five Clans

At the current moment, the game is limited to just Sword Worship Clan and Supreme Sword Clan. Our goal was to balance out the game and force a higher density of players in the clans. However, due to overwhelming demand, we will be re-opening all five of the clans for players again. How will they be re-opened will be explained in the next sections.

Clan Battle Skirmishes are now declarable by the clan officers. The current rewards are 50 hero points for the winner, and 20 hero points to the loser. This system will remain in place as long as it isn't being heavily exploited or griefed. Purposefully farming or faking skirmishes between allied clans can result in player suspension or removal of the clan officers by the administration team.

We will also aim to balance the headquarters. In the long effort to balance SSC and SWC headquarters, we managed to find a method to move spawn points and traps. With this new method we will attempt to balance all of the five clans to the best of our ability. However, due to the varying styles and our limited options, they will never be perfect. Balancing suggestions must be made by the players as you have the most experience during war.

Clans will receive prestige for each town and relic held. Clans will also receive a Protection Tax in gold from each town held.

Level Cap Increase

Level cap will be increased to 150. At this moment, we plan to eventually raise cap to 160, but that will not be any time soon. The reason I mention it is because our current plan is to never release higher than 3 chains. This means that even if the level cap reaches 160+, you will still be limited to only 3 chains for powers.



"Seasons" is the name of the new system we are implementing in an effort to keep FCO fresh. Seasons will last several months, after which the next one will start. The current aim is 4+ months, but will last an unknown amount of time. However, announcement of the season end will be made known several weeks in advance. The current features of each new season are explained below:

- Clans will reset. Prestige, gold, traps, clan upgrades, towns, town upgrades, and leadership will be cleared at the start of each new season.

- All characters made after the season start date will gain an additional 50% experience boost. These characters will be deemed "in-season". At the conclusion of the season, experience will revert back to the default amount. All out of season characters will be default to standard experience rate.

- Season Leaderboards. Special seasonal leaderboards will be displayed for all in-season characters. In addition, leaderboards will display more players and data.

- A Clan Takeover Event will happen instead of the Weekend Relic Raid in order to distribute the clans. The current design of this event is to spawn one of the NPC leaders (killing which gives player leadership) every 2 hours throughout a day. This event will last a total of 8 hours. The purpose of the extended event is to give players from all time zones the ability to attend a part of the event and have equal oppurtunity at acquiring a clan. For fairness, the leaders will be spawned in a random order and be announced at least 24 hours in advance so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

- Additional seasonal bonuses or changes are still in discussion. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Level Marathon

The first season will start with a level marathon! More details to come.

Loot 2.0

The new loot system is completed and is currently being tested on the test server. We have completely scrapped all the existing loot tables and started from scratch. We have developed a tool that will allow us to rapidly regenerate the loot tables in seconds. The tool uses an algorithm to assess the item type, level, and stats and place them on appropriate mobs. This means mobs will now drop rare, set, and exchange items. The only things we left out were seasonal and event promotional items! It is now completely possible to get the best items without using the exchange at all.

Loot will remain consistent with the introduction of new items. Expect loot and drop rates to change a lot during the first couple weeks of implementation as we figure out a good balance.

Chinese New Year!

We will be hosting the yearly Chinese New Year event that everyone knows and loves. The event quest will be reset on all players so you can participate again! The event will take place around February 19th and will last 1 week.

Voice Chat

We will be hosting and testing a voice chat server for players to use. All players will be able to connect and communicate with it. We are also testing positional and directional voice chat! This means players will be able to use voice communication with players around them based on location and distance from each other! More details soon!

Experience Scaling

Although this will not have any major effect, I wanted to address it so you're not surprised by different numbers.

In the beginning days of FCO we decided to boost all players experience by giving them and all new characters made a permanent experience boost. This has been very troublesome when implementing new features and has created many side effects. This is also what has caused the weirdness with some of the experience cards. To solve this issue, we will be scaling all the experience numbers down by the same factor as that boost and return to the base 1x experience rate. Since we will only be scaling the visible experience numbers down and not the rate, THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE IN LEVELING RATE. You will level up just as fast as always, but the actual experience number will be smaller.

Due to this change, experience card services will actually be MORE POWERFUL then they were before! We will be introducing new experience services to reflect this change and removing the current ones from the exchange. Currently unused cards will still function and will in fact be more powerful following the change.


Leaderboards have been fixed and currently display top 25.

A Schedule is now shown on website and updater for quick reference.

The Launcher was updated a couple days ago to fix a bug where some files would fail to download. The updater will now retry to download the files automatically. The Launcher will automatically update it self when you next run it. The icon was also updated to our pretty one :)

Since last year, Five Clans Online is proud to offer the game in high resolution. We offer 20 resolutions out of the box. Just run the launcher and go to Options to change it up! You can also add your own custom resolutions by modifying the DisplayResolutions.xml file in your game client directory. Just open it up in notepad and follow the instructions inside!

Make sure to follow @FiveClans on Twitter! It is updated more often with little things than the website!

Everything in this post is subject to change and edits will be made over the next several days. All changes will be clearly marked when they happen.

Holiday Patch and Hero Item Cost changes  Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:29 pm

New patch has been available for the last day with some festive holiday skin changes! Remember, the holiday masks will last into January and then be removed from all characters permanently.

We have also adjusted the price of the hero items at monk. This was meant to be done a long time ago but was overlooked. I have made the decision to leave the current acquired Hero items in-game as it was an error on our part. We are also looking into adjusting the war event system to allow clans to declare the event themselves. We will be choosing the available time slots for the events to make it the most fair possible for everyone around the globe.

Aside from these minor changes, we have been pretty quiet but have been working on vastly more significant ones. A 100% complete loot overhaul (dubbed Loot 2.0) is in the works as is some other major things. More information regarding those will come when they are closer to release.

I want to re-assure everyone that we have absolutely no plans to stop support or improvements for FCO. Our goal is to provide the most balanced, fair, and enjoyable long-term experience for all players.


SWC Trap has been moved  Thu Nov 6, 2014 8:14 am

We have finally managed to move the SWC trap to a new location in an effort to balance the two HQ's. It is further from the vault then it was before and is in the vault entrance doorway.

It was previously at coordinates 2404, 1823, 24227 and it is now at 23912, 1916, 25298.

Let me know what you think of this change.

Hero Tokens and Hero Points  Thu Nov 6, 2014 6:22 am

All Hero Tokens have been removed from loot drops.

All existing Hero Tokens have been converted to Hero Points.

Hero Tokens from Level Marathon last year that were never awarded have been given as Hero Points with double the value as the above tokens.

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